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This is no ordinary exercise class. Our workouts are an exhilarating experience where all are welcome.

The SplasHIIT Experience

Fitness should be more than punching a clock. It should be a fun, joyful and lasting EXPERIENCE. This is what SplasHIIT delivers along with incredible results.

SplasHIIT students are encouraged to work hard and to “leave it all in the pool”. Our instructors will inspire you with their “Yes You Can” attitudes and music that makes you move!

Our exhilarating workouts redefine aqua fitness by giving you a powerful strength and cardio workout using a high intensity interval training (HIIT) concept but with the benefit of the water to maintain a low impact on your joints. You can feel stress melt away as you enter the pool and the lasting effects as you leave each class energized and invigorated.

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The SplasHIIT Story

When Carly was a little girl, she was obsessed with swimming. Not like competitive swimming, more like if she saw a river, lake, ocean, stream or pond, her first question would be “can you swim in it?”. If the answer was yes, she would jump in!

Although she didn’t recognize it at the time, the water is the place Carly truly felt joy. This obsession with jumping right in has continued to her adulthood and she still asks the same question about any clean looking body of water she comes across. As a fitness instructor, Carly started to experience how therapeutic working out in the water can be for the body and as if on cue, in walked Lisa to Carly’s life. Lisa was having trouble getting motivated and finding the fun in her fitness endeavors. She was also struggling with some significant knee issues that were preventing her from working out as hard as she wanted to. Carly and Lisa worked together to try and find the joy in moving again, but it wasn’t until Carly suggested taking the workout to the water that Lisa truly felt alive!

From that moment on, Lisa was hooked on SplasHIIT. She got that high intensity workout she had been missing for so many years, WITHOUT THE PAIN. She left the pool after that first class with a huge smile, feeling joy, confidence, and empowered. Lisa sent Carly a message at 5am the very next day asking Carly if she wanted to partner to build this as an awesome company, bringing SplasHIIT to people all over the world. The rest is history.

Carly & Lisa

What People Are Saying

SplasHIIT allows me to enjoy exercises

I am a former athlete who looks forward to a high intensity, plyometric based workout, like Tabata. When my doctor told me that I have arthritis in my left knee I was crushed. SplasHIIT allows me to enjoy exercises that originally would have caused me so much pain.

Katlyn G.

The class is an incredible workout

I am an avid cyclist and was looking for some sort of cross-training. I took Carly’s SplasHIIT class and instantly fell in love! The class is an incredible workout, but nothing hurts. Don’t get me wrong, I was exhausted, but felt so good.

Amy B.

A win win class!

If you are looking for a fun but challenging workout this is the one! The water supports your body putting less stress on your muscles allowing for a greater range of motion plus it includes a great cardio workout! A win win class!

Pam T.

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