The SplasHIIT Experience

Water is known to cleanse, heal and decrease stress on the body. The SplasHIIT method harnesses those benefits to make high intensity fitness accessible to EVERYONE in a fun, upbeat and motivational environment. Exercising in water levels the playing field while offering the opportunity to push limits without the risk of injury. SplasHIIT offers more than just fitness – We are combating negativity with positivity. In the world we are living in today, there is so much negativity that can unfortunately start creeping into aspects of our every day lives. The SplasHIIT method takes the opposite approach by infusing positivity into every aspect of the workout. We train our trainers to give our students a high intensity, endorphin building, joyful experience that promotes positive body image and self confidence. Our mission is to create a fitness experience that leaves our students leave feeling empowered!

What makes SplasHIIT different from other water fitness programs:

  • We are redesigning aquatic fitness in a fun and positive environment, using a modern HIIT workout method, with the low impact benefits
  • SplasHIIT instructors inspire you and push you to work harder
  • You are in charge of your own intensity. No hard to follow footwork
  • It’s more than just the physical workout. SplasHIIT is an intense workout but a fun and joyful experience
  • SplasHIIT encourages a sense of community and support that extends beyond the pool.
  • Students are so present in the workout, they are able to “shut off and turn on” for 45 minutes.
  • SplasHIIT instructors embody the power of positivity, leaving you with lasting effects after the workout
  • We value the mental transformation just as much as the physical benefits of moving.
  • You can do SplasHIIT in a hot tub, swim spa, your own pool, lake, ocean, etc.
  • SplasHIIT is for any body, adult or kid alike, who is looking for an intense aquatic experience

SplasHIIT Instructors embody the following Core Values:

  • S Self-Confident
  • P Positivity
  • L Lead & Learn
  • A Accessible & Acceptance
  • S Smile & Find the Joy
  • H Honesty & Integrity


SplasHIIT in the News!

Check out this article from May 2021 in our local paper!