What Students say about SplasHIIT classes

What Fitness Facilities Are Saying About SplasHIIT


“Hit the long ball right out of the park with, SplasHiit, aquatic high intensity interval training. Fast paced, intense, low impact workouts never fail to put a smile on your face. Instructor, Carly, provides a sense of belonging and community; where participants are able to make friends and enjoy their peers. SplasHiit builds muscular strength, cardio vascular health, flexibility, and improves balance with gentle resistance all the while decreasing the risk of injury. These classes have become so popular that they almost always reach full capacity after just a few hours of the registration being open. Spots are limited, so be sure to secure yours in the pool for a workout experience unlike any other!”

Eva Parson & David Chaplin

Community Use SplasHiit Pool Staff, MIlford MA


 “..The MacColl YMCA was approached by SplasHIIT in 2021 and was immediately drawn in by Carly and Lisa’s positive energy and passion. We had been looking for ways to bring our members back to the facility after a challenging year. SplasHIIT targets a new demographic for us: Adults 30-60 who are looking for a modern, high-intensity workout that doesn’t add wear and tear to their joints.

Until now, our aquatics program has been primarily appealing to seniors (with water aerobics) and also to lap swimmers. But now, with SplasHIIT, we have a fun, high-energy workout that is appealing to an entirely new demographic of members.

We loved our instructor training weekend! Lisa’s and Carly’s flexibility and understanding of our specific YMCA’s challenges made them easy to work with. Lisa and Carly build SplasHIIT on a

foundation of solid values, including inclusivity, positivity, and community spirit belief. We appreciate

their partnership to make this training affordable and accessible for our branch.

Post-training, we have had complete access to Carly and Lisa, who have answered our questions as we prepared to launch SplasHIIT.

Brandy Isom

MacColl YMCA, Lincoln RI

What Instructors Are Saying About Getting Certified

“SplasHIIT has been so life changing for me that I took the “plunge” to learn how to teach it!  I was originally attracted to SplasHIIT because it made me feel like an athlete on a team working out together…it is fun, competitive (in a really good way), challenging and heart pumping!  Once I stepped through the doors to my first SplasHIIT class, Carly’s smile, enthusiasm and amazing playlist had me hooked.  I thought to myself, if SplasHIIT makes me feel this good, I need to share it with others.

So I took the leap and jumped into training when Carly and Lisa first offered it.  As I expected, Carly brought that same enthusiasm, positivity and “yes you can” attitude to the training.  What I didn’t realize was the power of Lisa!  Lisa’s commitment and true belief that SplasHIIT can change lives, just sealed the deal as to why I was there.  In this SplasHIIT training Carly and Lisa laid a foundation of groundwork to begin my journey of spreading the SplasHIIT JOY, Positivity, Challenge and Teamwork!”

C. Allen